Awards & Recognition

Every year the Penticton Track and Field Club recognizes the amazing accomplishments of athletes in our club.

Below are the award winners for this year.


JD Performance Awards

Sprints – top maleKjell Romero
Sprints – top femaleAlexa Carrier
Distance – top maleNicholas Hayden
Distance – top femaleYvonne Hayden
JumpsBrock Ede
ThrowsKiana Buckingham
Cross Country top maleSebastian Osiowy
Cross Country top femaleAbigail Carrier
Most ImprovedElla Walker

Senior Performance Awards

Sprints – top maleTyler Hvidston
Sprints – top femaleArianna Wilson
Distance – top maleMiles Hayden
Distance – top femalePresley Hickie
JumpsTyler Hvidston
ThrowsLogan McWhirter
Cross Country top malePeter Kunka
Cross Country top femaleJordis Hickie
Most ImprovedMatt Pinsonneault

Club Awards

LeadershipYvonne Hayden
EnthusiasmMya Kelly
DedicationZada Rahkola
Male athlete of the yearMaverik Rahkola
Female athlete of the yearAbigail Carrier
Spirit of the clubElla Walker